Get yourself a MagicShifter!
It is an open source hardware gadget for lighting, gaming, and POV applications. Charge and reprogram it over USB! Get one now for 99,90 EUR in the hackerspaceshop.

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The MagicShifter Video!

Watch this video to learn more cool things about the features and how to use the MagicShifter.

Upload your own images!

There is a webapp (runs offline too) to convert your own images to display them on the MagicShifter. You even can create animations if you like.

Find more examples in the picture blog on flickr.

The Magic Converter MagicShifter Manual

Reprogram the Source Code!

The code is a little rough at the edges and atm only the make file based tool chain is available. We're working on integrating the MagicShifter into the Arduino IDE.

Download it!

Technical Features

LEDs 16 / RGB
accelerometer 3-axis
color sensor RGB
IR distance sensor  
LED 1 / white
LED 1 / UV
real time clock  

Questions? Just contact us!

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