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The MagicShifter 3000 Video!

Watch this video to find out what the Magicshifter 3000 is and what you can do with it :)


The MagicShifter 3000 is an open source hardware gadget for RGB lighting, gaming and POV (persistence of vision) applications. By combining its accelerometer with 16 bright RGB LEDs you can draw images “into the air”. It’s only 103x27x13mm so it fits in every pocket. The MagicShifter 3000 is the latest and most advanced addition to the MagicShifter series.

Draw stabilized images “into the air” by simply waving the MagicShifter. With the accelerometer the MagicShifter automagically adjusts to your shaking speed and stabilizes the image. Upload new images or text via the simple web interface from your mobile device or any computer.

What’s new

Control it via WiFi, from your mobile phone and computer, or use it as a standalone magic lamp to create amazing shadow and lighting effects. The POV images are created by simply shaking the device. In contrast to other POV gadgets, the image is stabilized with the accelerometer data and displays the image in both directions.

Use the new web interface (hosted on the device itself) to upload, paint and share your images, connect with other users to get their art or change the settings. Although it’s an IoT (internet of things) gadget all the functionality stays available when you are offline as well.

The integrated LiPo battery can be charged via USB and provides hours of connected lighting fun.

The firmware is open source and based on the Arduino project so you can easily reprogram and test your own ideas. If anything goes wrong you can always reflash our official firmware.

Magicshifter 3000 has a very robust hardware design. You can not damage the electronics by incorrect user code. All pins are protected against short circuit conditions that could be generated in software. Let the experiments start!

MagicShifter 3000 PCB next to an assembled MagicShifter 3000



  • Fully assembled and tested PCB 99x24mm
  • ESP8266 32-Bit/80MHz Microcontroller with integrated WiFi
  • 16 bright RGB LEDs
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • 3-Axis Magnetometer/Compass
  • 4MB Flash Memory
  • 400mAh LiPo rechargeable via USB
  • 3x Buttons
  • programmable via USB Serial and WiFi Interface
  • 3D printed case 103x27x13mm
  • CC BY-NC licensed hardware design


  • Robust platform architecture using best practices.
  • Write your own apps in JavaScript!
  • Simple but powerful Apps that keep working if you are offline.
  • Apps for mobile devices, desktop and browsers.
  • AGPL licensed firmware & web frontend
Draw images in the web interface
Then show them to your friends :)


How to update the Firmware?

If you bought a MagicShifter 3000 with an old firmware and want to update to the latest firmware have a look at  the firmware update instructions   in the wiki.

Documentation and Source Code!

We released the firmware and the web interface for the MagicShifter 3000 under the AGPL license. So you are free to look at the source code and change whatever you like.

We host the code and project documentation on github:

Why the AGPL?

The Affero GPL License basically says that anyone can use what we build for any purpose. In exchange the license enforces that all the source code for all the  IoT  things based on our work are made public and licensed using a free software license.

Affero GPL


Earlier MagicShifter prototypes. Click to see a high-resolution version.

Questions? Just contact us!

If you have questions or suggestions just contact us via email!

If you are looking for information about the MagicShifter V1 just click here!